Simplified Disability Income Product Help
Simplified Disability Income Insurance is designed to provide the insured with a monthly income benefit while disabled from a covered accident or sickness or a combination of both. It is guaranteed renewable to age 67.

Benefits are provided for total or partial disability.

Totally disabled means a disability due to a sickness or injury which: Monthly benefits are not payable if the disability is due to an injury and begins more than 30 days after the Injury; or the insured is working for wage or profit during a period of total disability.

Partially disabled means a degree of disability due to a sickness or injury which keeps the insured from doing one or more, but not all, of the important, substantial and material duties of their own occupation or results in the loss of 50% or more of the time spent by the insured in the usual daily performance of the duties of their own occupation. The condition must occur while this policy is in force and immediately follow a period of total disability during which monthly benefits were paid. The condition must require a physician's care unless the insured has reached the maximum point of recovery.

Benefits may be limited as described in the limitations and exclusions link.