Return of Premium Rider Help
The return of premium benefit, if any, will be paid:
(a) upon the insured's written request to cancel their policy;
(b) upon lapse of the policy;
(c) upon receipt of proof of the insured's death; or
(d) on the first renewal date after the insured's 67th birthday.

If the insured terminates this rider and the policy stays in force, no return of premium benefit will be paid. We may require the surrender of the policy as a condition to the payment of its return of premium benefit.

Any premium waived under the waiver of premium provision of the policy will be considered a paid premium when determining the total premiums paid for the policy and also as a benefit paid when determining the total benefits paid under the policy.

Upon payment of the return of premium benefit, the rider will terminate as of the date to which the return of premium benefit is computed. Thereafter, it may not be reinstated once the return of premium benefit has been paid. Any benefits which accrue under the policy after the return of premium benefit has been paid will be payable only to the extent that such benefits exceed the amount of the return of premium benefit paid.