Critical Illness Benefit Rider Help
We will pay this benefit if the insured receives a first-ever diagnosis for one of the specified critical illnesses shown in the chart below if: The amount payable for each first ever diagnosis of a specified critical illness is the percentage of the benefit amount multiplied by the benefit amount. The benefit amount is shown on the rider schedule. The percentage of the benefit amount payable for each specified critical illness is shown beside the illness in the chart below.

The maximum total percentage of the benefit amount payable per category of Specified Critical Illnesses is shown in the last column of the chart below.
Category Specified Critical Illness Percentage of Benefit Amount Payable for each Specific Critical Illness Maximum Percentage of Benefit Amount for Category
Category 1 Heart Attack 100 percent 100 percent
Stroke 100 percent
Category 2 Invasive Cancer 100 percent 100 percent
Carcinoma in Situ 25 percent

After 100% of the benefit amount shown on the rider schedule has been paid within a category in the chart above, we will not pay any additional benefits for any specified critical Illness in that category.

If the insured receives benefits for carcinoma in situ and is later diagnosed with invasive cancer, the remaining benefit amount will be paid. We will pay the benefit for carcinoma in situ only once per lifetime.

If the date of diagnosis of two or more specified critical illnesses is the same day, we will pay only one benefit, which is the larger of two.

No benefits are payable for conditions other than the specified critical illnesses defined in this rider.


We will not pay benefits under this rider for conditions caused by or as the result of You: